Backyard weddings are becoming some of my most favorite locations to shoot.  There is something peacefully comforting about getting to photograph an intimate day on sentimental grounds, where countless memories have been made and relationships have sparked.  On this particular night towards the end of summer, long time friends of mine got married.
Back some few years ago our parents were good friends, and over time the next generation formed our own circle of friends. Including one whom I'm lucky to call my own love. ;) I've grown so much with this family and I'm so lucky to have a brother and sister, Tyler and Katie, and even more fortunate to have gotten to take a small part in documenting this special day, and of course getting to enjoy it as a guest too :)
I'm so excited to reminisce on what a great day this was with my family, and so thankful there are countless images to help us!

xoxo, n