They say when you find the one, you can feel it. No questions, no doubts, just confidence and certainty.  Your heart comes to a sudden calmness and tomorrow doesn't seem so scary anymore.  As if it beats a new rythm now, one that leads you back to that lost version of yourself when the only care in the world you had was getting to the front of the line for recess.  But, that moment you race out onto the playground, arms high in the air and the warm spring breeze lifts your chin up and chest out! You feel so powerful and careless.  As a young kid I remember racing to the edge of the black top at recess, just before the hill, looking out over what I thought was miles but actually only a football field, raising my arms and feeling FREE.  Honestly believingI don't have to go back in that crowded classroom in 30 minutes and do 100 multiplication problems. Just me and the wind.  I believe love is a lot like that. 
Tyanna and Evan's adventure began a few weeks ago on Captiva Island, Florida, where I fell in love with this story.  No matter how difficult life's hurdles can be for these two, they never forget to love each other with all that they have.  They enter each day together with their fingers laced high in the air feeling free and without worry.  Because when it comes down to it, the rest is just busy work, and it will too, pass. 
I'm so excited to share their proposal photos, when Evan invited her family to come along as he asked Tyanna to stand by him for the rest of their lives. And even more excited to continue reading their story together.