A mother of three, and this was for herself.  

Sometimes it's a struggle to put these portraits into words.  In the name of art, I can't take my eyes off of her.  I'm most attracted to a sense of self love.  Confidence is by all means the most appealing characteristic a woman can offer this earth.  Society does a damn good job of making us feel ashamed of our appearance, as if any one humans opinion on the matter holds any superior authority. This is my plea to you, please don't let these monstrous, modern minded, lost and disconnected from Mother Nature souls tear you down.  Put your phones down, say a good riddance to beauty magazines and get out there and take a camera! Or an easel and a blank canvas. Anything! Appreciate the organic craft around you, the natural beauty at your feet, document it, wind that makes the grass flow like water, sun breaking through the morning fog.  Goddess darlings, the super power all feminine spirits carry within her is endless love.