This Christmas I decided I needed to schedule in a little "me" time.  I've been putting these photos off for awhile and hoarding them on my hard drive while putting my business first.  I am so happy to share all of these with you!  This trip was amazing and I'm so thankful for getting to experience a 2 week adventure to one of the most beautiful countries, Scotland.
Anyone who knows me knows that dark, gothic, beautiful architecture, eerie, gloomy and anywhere with mountains is totally up my alley.  Scotland was perfect in so many ways.  
A lot of these photos are just taken quickly, we had lots to explore and not enough time.  Including some straight from my iPhone ;) 
I loved wandering off aimlessly, admiring how gorgeous the landscape was, or how every flower was big and blooming. It was inspiring how the people of this country tended to their gardens.  Not a vine out of place. 
Here are just some of my favorite photos, this is a two week long adventure summed up in one blog post:)