Wow.  Wow wow wow wow.  Where do I start explaining this one? A little history for you - Hollie and Nick have had a long and complicated journey to parenthood these past few years.  And even saying that is an aggressive understatement. If you've been following along Hollie's Blog, well then you've probably been stalking both of our social media handles for the past week and some change like mad. Thank you to the people who asked and were patiently waiting on an update, and others.. you could use some work. 

Here it is!! A most deserving and incredible celebration of new life to my sweet friends.  

Going into this I had NO clue what to expect.  I only had horror stories and the exaggerated movie scenes for reference.  When Hollie was admitted to the hospital around 3 weeks back for her kidney stones she was coming up on her 27th birthday.  I knew I couldn't let that dark, boring hospital room kill her spirit.  I took her her favorite book, and some candy hearts.  We talked about what to expect, ideas, and wondered what we were going to experience over the next 48 hours.  They planned to induce her before the weekend and she started pushing mid afternoon Thursday. 

Hollie has always been very brave.  A genuine and kind hearted soul and DREAMED of this day.  She's had more courage and hope for this than I have ever seen firsthand.  I've always known she'd be able to handle this like a boss, but everything I once heard or saw on movies about birthing had completely vanished when I saw her give birth to Evan.  She might say otherwise, but she made this look effortless! I'm so impressed with my small and mighty friend. 

By the way, there isn't as much screaming, blood or ripage as you're imagining.  That hospital room was calm, relaxed, and full of high vibrations.  Dr. Arbona from Mount Carmel St. Ann's helped all three of us along the way, coaching Hollie on breathing, teaching Nick every step of the way, and commenting on what would be best shots for me. I'm not an expert but I'd have to say the way to a peaceful birth definitely has to start with a top shelf doctor.  Kudos, Dr. Arbona.  I appreciate you! 

So I'm trying not to write a novel on this because I surely could, but I'm really enjoying getting to document all stages of women's lives. I know a lot of people won't consider a birth photographer because your hair is a mess or you put on a couple pounds, but I personally can't justify not having these moments on film. Women know a lot of hardships, and tend to be each other's own worst enemy.  This life for me is to be on each other's team. Help empower and show these women the impeccable reflection of the warrior in these photos. Know your worth and know that what you tell yourself has the most impact on whether you overcome and succeed. Hollie has some great plans for her blog for the women who have some of the same things in common.  To those women: you aren't alone.  She is a great teammate to have in your corner. 

Here's Evan. Born 2/16/17 at 1:58pm. 


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