Taryn and Colin got engaged down a super secluded path that led to an incredible view of the coast, frequently referred by Colin as "THE secret spot".  When they asked me to join them in Portland for the weekend in May, it didn't take much talking me into it. Besides, I already knew Taryn and I were kindred spirits, of course this would be fun.

The two lovers led me all around the city to their favorite restaurants, hang outs, parts of the city and parks, and gave me plenty of time to do my usual aimlessly wandering, including Taryn letting me in on her go-to second hand stores. Which in the world of thrifting, a girl tends to keep that her own.  Scored some crystals, a vintage indian illustration, two pairs of shoes, and a rug. Yup, I carried that moth ball scented thing on the plane home with me.

This trip was all about tall pines, soaking up the (rainy) pacific north west coast air, gushing over other photographers and their inspiring travels, (We literally saw James Barkman a few times and this is exciting in the infamous world of instagram), fresh lillies in the guest bedroom, Palo Santo,  and good Bon Iver tranquil music to end the adventure.  

This weekend is their wedding, and I am JACKED to say the least.  PNW, Here I come!

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