Do you know the story of how I met Hollie and Nick? I've told it a few times, mostly because I think its incoincidentally meant-to-be. Through mutual friends and family I kinda knew Nick.  It wasn't until the night he decided to propose to Hollie did I get to meet her the first time, and document one of the most significant chapters of her life.  Without any effort, Hollie and I became best friends. Like it was like "our souls found each other and went, "Oh, there you are.  I've been looking for you." (Pinterest quote, but it resonates) 

Through the past few years I've gotten to be part of some of the most important part of their lives.  Including, some of the heartache and struggles too. It's easy to pass off hearing about miscarriages or infertility because it's not something most people are vocal about and it's hard to understand something you don't have or are not ready for. 

Hollie has an amazing blog. She has wholeheartedly opened up her journey through cervix issues, many failed IUIs, infertility, lots of false hope and a sinking heart.  

I'm so over the top happy that something new hit her blog today.  And of course, happy to have documented that as well. Here are some of my favorite photos of getting to share the incredible news!