These two.  This blog is simply not big enough to express my love for this young, wild and loving couple.  Carmine asked Allyn to marry him last fall in Central Park with a black diamond.  And their wedding is only a few days away. 

Their story of how they met resonates with me a little more than most.  Probably some of it is because Allyn is one of my longest and deepest caring friends, and I love anything and everything exciting that happens to her.  But also because it is a perfect example of precise intuition, leaving no room for doubt or confusion, a definite encounter planned by the universe long before the two souls met. 

Although it's going to be hard to not want to photograph my babe friends on their special day, I am thrilled to pass the torch to another astounding artist, and stand up next to A & C.  Happy Wedding Week, Carfagna's!