Boudoir is timeless, it is evergreen.

Bare sessions are inspired by empowering women of all shapes, sizes and ages, all at different stages of our lives. I love giving women the opportunity to see themselves through someone else’s eyes. Your body is the greatest work of art you'll ever own. You spend a lifetime making yourself the best you there can be, I think it’s important to document this masterpiece of yours and capture your youth, your stretch marks from motherhood, beauty marks and scars, your overcomings and progress. This is not just a gift for your husband, this is for you.

Come as you are. Bare is everything authentic to you. Whether you are wearing a stunning backless gown or a scandalous bra and panty; because you can be sexy in anything or nothing at all.  


Sessions start at $495


Darling, you are a work of art. Document your masterpiece.

Let’s collaborate to make something beautiful.

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